• Ryan Dalton

A Time For Reflection

Time for some reflection and another appreciation post as we look back at 2021.

Just like last year, we haven’t spoken to anyone in recent months who hasn’t found this year particularly difficult in some way or another. But, one positive we can always look back on is the amazing strengthening of our partnerships - with our neighbours, neighbouring businesses and organisations, and our own team.

This year saw our connections and joint efforts with Queen’s Park Community Council, The Felix Project, Ida Restaurant and The Parlour Restaurant flourish. There are two people in particular, however, who have managed to juggle several challenges everyday for months, as well as life as parents and business owners, Simonetta from Ida Restaurant, and Jesse from Parlour. They have had to find the time to plan, create, and cook limitless meals and desserts, all whilst volunteering with an extremely tight deadline.

So after 19 months of running around, sourcing ingredients, chopping, cutting, dicing, and slicing their way around their own kitchens (whilst also providing delicious meals for our incredibly hardworking volunteers, key-workers and school teachers) we couldn’t see out the year without giving another huge thank you to Simonetta and Jesse!

Over 40,000 breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts cooked and delivered during the pandemic to our most vulnerable local residents. A huge collaborative effort, that continues to this very day.

We’ve also had to endure a lot of sadness, heartbreak and loss this year, but the dedication and passion shown by local volunteers during this ongoing time of crisis provides hope of better days to come.

Thank you to everyone who supported QPG and Queen’s Park residents throughout the year.

The team at QPG Hub and QPG Football wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the very best for 2022.