• Ryan Dalton

Beats in the Street

Beats in the Street, taking place on various dates throughout August, is a FREE event from Young Urban Arts Foundation and its Music Production Bus, in collaboration with Happy Lizzie Event Planning, City Lions, and Queen's Park Council.

It's for young people aged 13 to 17 living in the W2, W9, and W10 areas of London who've ever been interested in music production - whether that's as an absolute beginner with nothing but a hum in the head, to someone looking to take their musical ideas one step further.

This is your chance to lay a track in a day!

Your chance to record YOUR sound. Sing, rap, create your own personal ringtone - whatever! - and above all, to have fun and try something different.

Come with bars, come with an idea, or freestyle on the day!

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More info on the poster below.