• Ryan Dalton

Digital Media and E-Safety Training

Seren Kids are holding training sessions in Digital Media and e-Safety at QPG Hub every Saturday between 1pm and 2pm from the 11th June to the 9th July (excluding 25th June).

There are only 16 places, so please register your interest as soon as possible with the Hub now!

Seren Kids are dedicated Educators with a commitment to excellence and safety, who fully believe that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher.

Their Mission is to embrace the pursuit of excellence, and equip children with skills to ensure they have a safe and bright future in the competitive digital future that lays ahead. They encourage them to dream big, have lots of fun, and develop skills that will improve and complement their national curriculum learning and engagement.

That's why they have ensured that they are experienced in education, YouTube, Social Media, and Pedagogy.

Seren Kids are passionate about the subjects they teach and not only do they bring this enthusiasm to all lesson, they'll be bringing it to QPG Hub next Saturday!