• Ryan Dalton

English Classes With Sewing

Learning a new language isn't always easy, and in a classroom setting, can sometimes feel a little intimidating, which is why we at QPG, along with our partners at Nova, thought it would be a novel idea to create English Language classes combined with sewing.

Sewing is not only a very useful skill to have, it's also therapeutic, and creative, and as such, has the benefit of loosening people up, which, in turn, facilitates an easier learning process!

If you'd like to improve your English, and your sewing - or even if you just enjoy sewing - give our English Language and Sewing classes a try.

You'll also get to make new friends and build your confidence.

The classes start on Tuesday, March the 5th, and run from 10am to 12pm.

If you have any questions, drop us an email or send us a Tweet.

We look forward to seeing you!