• Ryan Dalton

Mastering My Future | Meet The Employer Week

2-3 Degrees are hosting a February 2022 half-term employability programme, from Monday 14th to Thursday 17th, that gives young people the opportunity to meet the people doing the job they'd love to do!

Mastering My Future is an employability programme for young people aged 14-25, and in conjunction with the support of Young Westminster Foundation, Westminster Befriend a Family and Inspire, has created a programme that offers:

  • Industry themed workshops - develop knowledge and insight to give you clarity about opportunities

  • Mentoring - opportunity to be mentored by leading professionals from various industries for 6 months!

  • Virtual work experience - be offered virtual work experience with one of the employer partners on the programme

Meet The Employer Week

You said you wanted more opportunities where you can speak directly to employers, so now you can!

Ever wondered what a grad job or internship at HSBC looked like, or wanted to know what roles are involved in making some of London's amazing landmark buildings (Derwent London), OR do you have a passion for fashion and want to know more about how to become a designer or work in fashion marketing or buying (COS store)? Or perhaps even in the arts - produce plays, work in music, marketing or stage design (Royal Albert Hall)?

Then this programme is for you!

You will get...

· The chance to speak directly to employers in various departments

· Work on tasks with employers for the afternoon

· Meet new people & learn how to Network

· Goodie bag, free lunch, and vouchers

Excited? The sign up here!