• Ryan Dalton

Mothers And Grandmothers Event

St John's Church Kensal Green has kindly offered its hall for our Mother's and Grandmother's event in May and will be making a donation of £300 in order to support live entertainment during our very special free pampering event. We are hosting this as a celebration of QPG's third birthday.  

Fr David also has information for people living in the area about Family First Nights. This offers families who would not normally be able to afford it, a trip to a West End musical or theatre for £5.00 each (for a group of 4). St John's nominates those who are interested.

If you would like to visit St Paul's Cathedral, Fr David has four passes which allow access during the week. These need to be collected and returned, but four people can enter the cathedral for free. He would be delighted if anyone associated with the QPG Community and Sports Hub would like to borrow these!

Finally, if you or someone you know is 60 and lives in the old Paddington area (W2, W9, parts of W10, NW8, and NW6) and in receipt of either housing benefit, is a state pension recipient, or receives council tax benefit, the Paddington Charities offer a payment of £235 per year. Fr David has forms so please get in touch with him if you would like any advice about the charity payment, or would like to go on the Family First Nights. 

Father Ackerman's email is: and the church's phone number is 020 8969 2615.