• Ryan Dalton

QPG Accredited London Healthy Workplace!

QPG Community and Sports Hub have been accredited with the Micro Level London Healthy Workplace Award, and we couldn't be more proud!

Thank you to all our hard workers and partners who contributed to our achieving this accreditation - you're all amazing!

Here's what the Greater London Healthy Workplace Award team said:

The London Healthy Workplace Award is a pan-London framework that supports and recognises investment in staff health and wellbeing, partnering local public health resource with employers. It complements the Mayor’s Good Work Standard which is designed to work alongside other existing initiatives to support fair employment practices and better workplaces. In gaining the Award, you are one of over 250 organisations that have met the standards to date. Your hard work is helping to improve the health of Londoners and showcase the criteria as a valuable framework for other employers to invest in staff health and wellbeing. The Award is valid for four years. We will be requesting a brief update from you on a yearly basis as assurance of your continued good practice towards workplace health and wellbeing. We have included feedback from the verifiers to assist you in your work going forward. VERIFIER FEEDBACK The verifiers were particularly impressed with: • Wide ranging health and wellbeing statement is in place for employees and volunteers • Health and wellbeing is clearly a priority and a strategic approach to this is taken which is impressive for a micro organisation • Working group has been set up for health and wellbeing • Weekly meetings are held, communications are prioritised • Great examples provided to demonstrate supportive approach to employees and volunteers • Headspace app available for employees • Monthly wellbeing sessions are held • Counselling is available for employees who need it • 7 volunteers have quit smoking with support • Approach to healthy eating is impressive with lots of initiatives • Titanium water bottles provided • The organisation is completely alcohol free