• Ryan Dalton

QPG Founder Name In Lights

Our QPG Community and Sports Hub and QPG Football founder, Ryan Dalton's name is appearing in lights on Oxford Street this week!

The Oxford Street team contacted Ryan last week to inform him that he'd been nominated by a member of the Queen's Park community as his "2020 Hero" because of all the support Ryan has given to the community throughout the lockdown and Covid19 pandemic.

It's due to this very pandemic and lockdown that the Oxford Street team have made changes to their usual Oxford Street Christmas lights, by honouring those who've made an impactful and positive difference in the lives of those around them.

You can read more about this here

Although we'd all rather circumstances were different, we think community heroes' names in lights makes a lovely change!

Well done Oxford Street team - such a wonderful initiative.

And huge congratulations Ryan - very well deserved!