• Ryan Dalton

QPG & Wilberforce Primary School | An Exciting Partnership

Outside of the Wilberforce school day, the QPG after-school club provides the best opportunities for children of the school to participate in sports and physical activity.

Following on from the successes of our first two years in partnership, we will continue working together to increase the provision of our after-school sporting opportunities, and will ensure that pupils from Wilberforce have access to an even wider range of high quality opportunities that inspire them to get active, and for many, to achieve their own sporting goals.

We have also proudly adopted the schools ethos of ‘Education with Character’, and will continue to provide the highest quality homework support and mentoring services, whilst also taking on important opportunities, such as breakfast clubs, as well as introducing life-skill sessions through our brand new design technology clubs, along with new cookery sessions, from the Autumn term in September 2019.

We are proud to be working with Wilberforce Primary School and United Learning, and we are excited to continue this positive partnership, shaping the lives of Wilberforce Primary School children, and leading the way in local community engagement and excelling in sports.

These opportunities will continue to grow, and we would very much like to thank United Learning and the staff at Wilberforce Primary School for their ongoing support.