• Ryan Dalton

Spacehive Crowdfunder For Westminster Youth

Queen's Park Parish Council have created a crowdfunder in support of Westminster's young people in a bid to support a wide range of organisations and projects in the area, ranging from QPG Hub, to Avenue's Youth Project, and All-Stars Boxing.

The idea is to jointly to involve the young people of North Westminster in worthwhile and constructive projects that develop their skills, providing a route into employment, whilst keeping them safe and 'off road.'

This joint fundraiser will ensure that the youth organisations of North Westminster will be able to continue supporting the young people who attend their vital services and divert them from less constructive activities, as well as give them a purpose.

By investing in young people in North Westminster you are giving them a diversion from destructive behaviour.

Following the withdrawal of funding by Westminster City Council and the recent increase in anti-social behaviour and crime, it is now more important than ever that we all come together as a collective to ensure that our young people are safe and purposely redirected via great opportunities, including boxing, football, dance, cookery, life skills training, multi-sports, music and multi-media, after-school clubs, swimming, and youth mentoring.

What the crowdfunder will deliver:

* Fund free sporting activities

* Fund free youth mentoring

* Fund Boxing via All-Stars

Why it's a great idea:

The evidence today is that there has been a huge rise in anti-social behaviour, crime, drug dealing, and gang violence, which has become a huge problem across estates in North West London, like Queen's Park Estate, Warwick Estate, and the Mozart Estate, with a huge increase in the volume of county lines when it comes to large scale drug dealing and postcode wars.

By ensuring that all of the local youth organisations receive an equal distribution of crowdfunding, we are, as a council, ensuring that their fantastic projects will take place and not be affected by the swathing cuts made by the local authorities.

Years of experience tells us that developing young peoples skills and making the most of early preventive measures is the most important way of using funds in areas which will have a large impact, and where young people are very reliant on the current services that are offered.

This will also give us the opportunity to create pathways to long term employment and training opportunities.

Steps to get it done:

* New Youth Football Sessions

* Skills based residential trips

* More after-school clubs in the community

* Increase in boxing sessions

* Increase in sporting equipment

* Training young people as youth workers and sports coaches

QPG Football Academy began in April 2016, and was set-up by two of the youngest Community Councillors, starting with two volunteers and only one session per work. Now, three years later, and with the creation of QPG Community and Sports Hub, they are supported by 29 volunteers and deliver over 28 sporting sessions per week.

The Avenues Youth Project have been in existence for 40 years, and has over 780 young people on their registers. Their priorities are to use the activities they offer to get young people into work and training.

Allstars Boxing Club has been in existence since the early 1960s. Today all of their trainers are all trained youth mentors and they specialise in helping young people develop positive lifestyles, as well as gain skills that they may not previously have learnt.

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