• Ryan Dalton

Thames Water Priority Services Register And Waterhelp

Due to QPG's ongoing help to vulnerable residents in the community, which we proudly started delivering at the onset of the Covid19 pandemic, Thames Water were keen to meet with us to let us know the kinds help they also offer to vulnerable and low-income customers, as they believe these Extra Care initiatives will further assist this part of the community.

Did you know that Thames Water offers a free service that provides extra care and support to those who need it most? Their priority services register is available to everyone that meets the eligibility criteria - you just need to sign up.

If you’re finding it hard to pay your bills, Thames Water want to do all that we can to help.

They’ve designed the WaterSure and WaterHelp schemes to lighten the load on households in need of extra support. This includes low-income households, households with large families, and those who have a water-dependent medical condition.

You can download the form to sign up for WaterHelp here