• Ryan Dalton

Thank You To Milkhut!

Updated: May 14

QPG Community and Sports Hub would like to express a very heartfelt thanks to Alex from Milkhut for partnering with us in helping the wider Queen's Park community during the Covid19 crisis by delivering free milk to the Hub each week while the country is in lockdown.

It's kindnesses like these that allow us to deliver free meals and essential items every day.

Alex comes from a long line of entrepreneurial foodies. Her granny grew all her own food and pickled anything she could get her hands on, long before it became trendy. She has e a BSc in International Hospitality Management, and has spent her career working as a banqueting manager in big London hotels, including The Langham, The Corinthia, and Great Fosters. Alex created Milkhut because she felt we needed to bring back our milkmen, our local bakeries, and small farming. She believes that sustainability, eco-friendliness and animal welfare is the future.

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